Hope you're on a desktop.
Right Now
I'm Dancin'
Trying to Transcend
Myself to your mind
Hopin' you're thinkin'
"Oh this is neat!"
Not even blinkin'
This is a total exaggeration, I hope you're blinking as much as your eyes need to.
As you read every line
Have you read every line?
Thank you for your honest answer!
To these words, colours, and hovers
Hopin' you're groovin'
Your mouse keeps movin'
I figure this is a pretty safe assumption
Wow, Thank You So Much! I didn't expect anyone to answer!
Thank you
Do you dig the design?
you clicked the about me
Back to what you clicked on
Thats Me.
What is it without me?
It wouldn't be mine.
It'd be some other awesome creative
who had the same idea, and
executed it the same way.
Hard to find.
I Want To
make people laugh
make people feel
Create experiences.
Create the new real
create in these new realities
Learn new software
Notch, Resalume, Unreal, Z brush, Houdini, and much more.
Learn new skills
Solder, rig stages, work with huge teams, survivalist skills, you know, the basics.
Give a good memory
Create an awesome experience that sticks in peoples heads
Give some good thrills
I'd be lying if I said I used the word thrills
for any other reason than to rhyme with skills
Bring people closer
Through new technological advancements
Through this new wave
Bring people closer
with a world to save
My ultimate mission is to create work that leads us to a more sustainable future.
It's a poem, who wants to read a paragraph?
I've Been A
Long Runnin'
One time I got bit in the face by some bug
A Bug Bitten'
Hungry Man Feeder
I have fed hungry people
Ore Skippin'
I enjoy skipping rocks
An Award Winnin'
Socratese Reader
I enjoy philosophy
Board Flippin'
FortĀ Buildn'
Smokin' Reaper Eater
I ate half a Carolina Reaper once
Soft Speakin'
"It doesnt sound like thats all of his voice"
LOAM News Leader
A Show Seein'