About Me
Interactive Poem Soon

I've always been a creator from a very young age.  I started shooting and making videos when I was nine years old, and using After Effects when I was thirteen. Right now I am a Senior Motion Design Student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I came to Savannah as a writing major and even though I switched I still love to write scripts and story's whenever one pops into mind and sticks around.

Recently the most exciting works I've created are interactive -it's awesome because my work has begun to merge physical, and digital realities - we no longer have to tell stories from a box. Along with this I love to; create funny things, have funny conversations, and laugh with people, so I try to incorporate humor into my work when possible.

My Inspiration for stories, and design come a lot from nature and copying the weird, beautiful and intricate ways the earth works. Along with this another source of inspiration comes from other artists, and designers, and the work and imagery I see on a daily basis.

Me experiencing some of the most intense wind I've ever felt.
(Gullfoss, Iceland )
Contact: billywoodsmedia@gmail.com