The Gnat Merrymaking Process
I'm just your average joe who spent weeks
animating gnat intercourse.
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The whole thing was animated over the course of a few months from Fall 2017 - Winter 2018
the First Successful Gnat Intercourse Animation.
I recorded sound twice for this animation. Once at the beginning to animate it,
then again on a good night with a group of friends.
Me hyping up the team for a final run through.
We made loud orgy sounds right after this.
The final was published in January 2019.
. Create an animation that makes people laugh.
. Create an animation with a rhetorical critique on western society.
. The animation doesn't make everyone laugh. In fact if I had to guess I'd say only %30 of people who watch it laugh. However it does appall and grab the attention of almost all people I've seen watch it. To me this is a success.

. The writing, and specifically the ending definitely does well to question the societal norms, and actions of our western society.