Projection Mapping
Ohm Tree
A sound reactive tree projection
Process here.
Tree of Life Projection
Accentuating the beauty in the naturally immersive.
Process here.
Library Projection
Experimenting with Architecture, and light.
All The Bricks
Projected on Pierre Cardin's 15th century castle.
Process here.
Full Balls
A comedic medieval projection.
Process here.


VR Project 1

A visual poem.
Break Down
The Imagery within the particles was shot on a key, then matted into the particles layer.
"The studio had rented out all their lights the day we shot the footage" - Haha.
Keyed and Inverted.
Final took about 2 weeks to finish.

Datamoshing VR

I strapped a VR camera to my back and road my bike around Savannah.
Final in 1080p
Final in VR
Process here.