Tree of Life Projection
The Process
The Narrative
Ally Munro
Lead Collaborator
Motion Designer
Daniel Wigley
Sound Designer
Designs Sounds

Ness Tomaselli
Documentary Videographer
Motion Designer / Film Maker
Ben Mcgonnel
Drone Pilot
Madison Hague-Rogers
Bringer of the Dogs
New Media Artist
Cameron Bye
3D Model Specialist
3D Modeler
Jack Steadson
All The Bricks
3D Motion Graphics
Objectives & Outcome
.Create a Group Experience
.Map the entirety of this tree
.Accentuate the Beauty of the Tree
Out Come
.I created a group experience that really blew some people away.
.Although I did not map the entire tree I believe I mapped enough to make it an immersive group experience.
.Lastly by making splines in the 3D model, and using X-Particles I successfully accentuated the beauty of the tree.